Sunday , April 2 2023

Attacks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Ebola reacts continuously to attacks on Friday in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Benin.

WHO, the Ministry of Health and Partner Officials, statistics, and the 16 World Health Organization evacuated to gomes for mental health care.

Ebola reacts to Saturday morning in Benin

Vaccination suspended, the work center was closed, but the teams still remain in touch after some alerts, to make sure they look good
Treatment for Patients

Participants are run by the Participants.

There is no response to areas outside Benin. All operations were restarted, including vaccination on Sunday.

"The World Health Organization continues to work with the ministry and partners to end this Ebola outbreak," said Dr. V. Doctor, director general of the World Health Organization. Tadros Adenam Gibraesis says. "We are honoring those memories
Those who die to face this disorder dubiously threaten the security of those working to stop it. "

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