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Years later, the US has discovered that chemotherapy can not be cancer! The Spider Alankabout – Lebanon News – Australia News


A shocker from the canander was shocked and chemotherapy was about five years to deal with a cancer.

In 2012, James Sallas went to Mantras Memorial Hospital. Doctors conducted several tests before finding "abnormalities" in the left lungs.

After a respiratory biopsy, Salsis told doctors, "There is a kind of cancer, and his white blood cell cells are formed in his body.

Although the dysfunctions are still in place until Salas visits another doctor, the doctor is not a cancer causing cancer, but due to a disease caused by the vaccinations.

In a joint interview with KKO, James said: "I felt great pain in the way I did not, I went to the hospital and had some tests, and my doctor told me that my left lungs had abnormalities."

In 2012, a rare cancer that began with broader hans cells, disability in large numbers, and abnormal white blood vessels in white horses to cope with infectious diseases.

Strange white blood cells that make up "granulomas" can increase and lead to eventual destruction.

LCH is often diagnosed between 2 and 3 years of childhood, but can occur at any age.

Salmon was chemotherapy for years. In 2017, he was diagnosed with his first doctor, Chun Kei Lee, who did not work in hospital.

Salaj was forced to track a new tumor specialist. The specialist said that he was not cancer and that it was called a vascular and that they had abnormalities in the lungs.

Due to lack of surgery, Sals' condition is called the Vector Disease (GPA). This happens when the nose blood vessels, cholesterol, lungs, lungs and kidneys are absorbed.

If the immune system does not accept it, it is possible to damage the tissues and organs.

Salas said the doctor informed him to a water consultant. But when he asked for a meeting, he had to wait a year to get another one year.

He explained that there was intense chemotherapy to treat cancer and pancreatitis, and he would live with them for the rest of his life.

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