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"We bow to Salal Juma in Khalifa, we need him"


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Al-Ahly has said that al-'Ali Club will continue in the club with Mohammed Yousuf, the acting director of the football club. Current Captain Mahmud Khatib, detailed information in this case

"There is no dispute about the talents and abilities of Salinger, but we really need him, but we hope his commitment can show us the best of his efforts," said Sallesh Juma.

The meeting will meet with Mahmoud al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He will introduce this in the meeting held on Thursday. "Only the only player to make a decision."

Mohammed Yousuf, chairman of Al-Ahly Club, is expected to hold a meeting between the club's coach and manager of Al Ahli club, the French newspaper Carter, to discuss and discuss some issues with the team in recent years. It is technical and medical that applied to Qatheeb tech staff after the match against Esperanto, the final of the African Champions League.

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We also note that "Salal Juma's religion in Khalifa is essential" and we note that it is the source site of news that we have taken from the Arabs site. Yusuf Yousuf: We will split Salim Juma in Khalifa and we need him. "We are the only news presenter in the most important news.
Muhammad Yousaf: "We Will Leave Salal Jama'ah in Khalifa, We Need Him"

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