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The USID is helping to launch the first network of business leaders in Egypt


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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 4:40 pm
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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 4:40 pm

The Women's Association of Egypt's Women's Association, the Egyptian Business Women's Association 21, the Enterprise and Enterprise Development Advisory Foundation (IETGA), Flat 6 Labs Entrepreneurship Program, the US embassy said in a statement. They would like to develop the communication market communication skills online and help Egyptian women maintain their business.

The new business network is a new platform for business leaders, organizations, service providers and other partners. Ensure that more business women in the country will be able to succeed in their business success.

The entrepreneurial environment and industrial entrepreneurs to participate in the US federal sanrambhakarilum sanrambhakaruteyum the ceremony, President of the Institute of Egypt kallin Sherry said: "We believe that entrepreneurial network and its members, and to help become a powerful driving force. By placing the relationship between the success of the services associated with the related parties To achieve. "

In Egypt, since 1978, approximately 30 billion dollars in USA made through a number of projects influencing health, education and employment opportunities for the people of Egypt.

Business Pioneers Network is an integrated package of technical support packages from the American nation that promotes employment creation, financial recovery, growth of private business enterprises, more effective business and investment climate.

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