Tuesday , March 21 2023

The governor's center is opening the Menachetia governor for sports development in Sana'am


Dr. Siddatt City University president, Saddam City University, who opened the University Center for Career Development at Sadad City. Ahmad Bayumi Governor Menafafia, Syed Abbas General Staff, Dr.

American University academic president Dr. Abdul Rahman, American university consultant at Cairo, Dr. Reecha Lautka, vice president of the US Agency for International Development, and a number of faculty members at Sadat City University attended the event.

Governor udghatanattinite, Career Development Center, and the University students to develop their skills, their professional plan to adopt, and to help them develop their employment skills, and come to the governor and to help entrepreneurs to help them develop their skills in the modern labor market, Frugally, he praised the effective role of the Center is to create a competitive environment for access to the labor market. The competition is strong.

He also provided all necessary support for the expansion of the research centers and the complete transfer of modern experiences in the field of vocational training.

The University aims to develop the skills of professional students, raise their skills, qualify for job opportunities, increase employment opportunities through job opportunities, employment training programs, training programs and labor training. Expert Consulting for Recruitment.

During the first phase, 18 training courses were conducted, and more than 400 students from different faculties at Sadat University were trained in the recruiting scholarship and the English language programs approved by the US University.

Dr.Avab Abdel Rahman, academic president of the University of Washington, said: "The American University Center of American Development Center will provide such services at the American University Center for Professional Development Center. Thanks to the governor of Menufia governorate. In Cairo.

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