Friday , March 24 2023

Mehrz is heading to Algeria at the expense of the African Nations Cup Togo in 2019


Algeria won the Togo 4-0 in the tournament in the African Cup Football in 2019.

In the next 14- 30, 23 minutes, Rihad Mehrz won the match easily. Yusof Attal scored the second goal in the 28th minute.

In the second half, Cadajo Voodoo Lappa is expected to leave the goal in Togo's 55th minute. But the Algerian team has been able to progress even before personalizing with Baghdad Ponga.

Bendeel is the second card in the tournament, "7 points", "5 points" and "Togo" 5 points. They raised the Algerian team with 10 points in the group D match.

Zimbabwe has been given an opportunity to qualify for Group A. After losing Liberian 1-0, Zimbabwe won the chance to gain the benefit of a group.

Zimbabwe will lead the group by eight points, the Liberian seven points, the Kongo six points and the Congo five points.

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