Wednesday , March 22 2023

Love does not encourage us to run away from falling in love with love of dress


The British Observer newspaper reported that more and more women around the world, including health and high costs, have been asked recently for plastic surgery.

In a newspaper article, British author Iva Weisman confirmed in 2018 that the business took over. Girls looking at their mothers will start to continue screen sports programs for generations, miracles

Wiseman pointed out that the mental image of the ideal power has transformed into every decade of the last century – from one object to the other, from one neck to the other in the ridges.

Marilyn Monroe Main Monroe came to the bottom of the millennium when Marley Monroe, the precious bones of the musician, began to fall in the nineteenth century, to seek independence from the chest's chests, to look at the legs of the archetypal, the thirties of the chest.

In 2010, Bret's beauty demand in Britain increased by 10%, then came the age of wonder.

In 2012, she spoke to a group of women about the pressures of the media. "Instead of talking about the ultra-sensitive, they wanted to express their emotions:" They are all Kim Kardashian Realty Film Star Kate Moss, not an English fashion model, but a major ovary.

The feminist approach of the VKS seems to be positive and positive in trying to keep away from eating and drinking weight.

In 2014 the focus of miracles focused, the world's fastest and most rapid growth in the world of beauty, especially in the US, increased by 58% over 2012.

"Jean Claude Kaufmann said," At times when people are looking for safety, women are responding to the need for the men's attraction to ensure the protection of women and their wonders and to seek their wonders. "

"You care as much as you can," said Jennifer Lopez, the famous singer of Hollywood.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery in 2015 began the year of wonder, but in the last five years, the complexities that have changed in the US have killed 33 women.

Not only the aesthetic surgery that claims to strengthen women, they have been rejected for decades, and their wonders are now on top of fashion. A trend that has become a high priority in a variety of ways to accept all the materials has changed.

Despite the headline headlines of amazing surgery, these shocking titles and women are not discouraged from changing their thanks to fashion.

Women will never give up their body, especially in the light of the change in the power needed by the fashion, as they are in a constant battle with them, and the timing and completeness of the last beneficiaries of lasting technological developments.

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