Tuesday , March 21 2023

List of Ismaili Productions .. lack of MetLi's absence and Abad Rabbio avoiding


The Ismaili coach of the Brazilian Jeanne Weir was prepared for the production of the Egyptian League.

The League will meet the inaugural army in the fifth week.

This list includes the first visit of Muhammad Mechell. The official website of Ismail struck out this.

The list includes Goalkeeper Mohammed Magdie, Mahmood Metroli, Mohammad Hashim, Saad El Jazeera, Mohamed El Shami, Hassani Abad Rabba, Ala Abdul Azim, Ahmad Ali and Omar Fashie Saviola.

Following the elimination of the list, Mehmood continued to take advantage of Mehtood Mtwali in the third match, following the advance of the Tigris valley and guards on the border.

The list includes 18 players.

Goalkeepers: Essam L Hadder – Mohammad Fossi

Defense: Tarek Taha – Mohammad Meshali – Richard Bafoor – Bahrain Mohammed – Ahmed Omanan.

Midfield: Imad Hamdi – Nadar Ramadan – Mohammad Alfafoff – Omar Al Wahsh – Mohammed Sadiq – Karim Bambo – Abdul Rahman Magdi – Waje Abdul Hakim.

Attack: Christopher Mindogo – Okiyy Apolli – Shukri Najeeb.

Ismaili lost 13th in the last two rounds. Ismaili jumped fifteen to 13th with 13 points. The last five rounds did not win.

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