Sunday , January 29 2023

Filollal | The club explained why the Henderson Red List was dropped


Liverpool manager Juventen Klup explained why Gordon Henderson had been brought out of the Red Star meeting.

Liverpool Serbia's Red Star will be in the fourth round of the Champions League.

When traveling to Serbia, everyone seems to be with us, Nathan Klein does not travel, but Nabi Keetha and Dini Livin will naturally be there, "he said.

"Henderson was close, but needed to qualify for getting Milwaudee," he said.

The Liverpool coach Jurgan club was expelled from Swiss striker Sharadan Shakir.

On the World Cup in Russia, Shakir was celebrating the slogan with marks on the World Cup competition Serk, representing the political slogans.

Shakiri is from Albania, and the eagle symbolizes Albania, since her family were forced to run away from Serbia and Serbia.

Liverpool was threatened by Serbia's Red Star fans before arriving in Serbia.

The next meeting will be the next meeting after Sheikis and his clean retirement, "said German coach.


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