Friday , May 20 2022

Details of Program and Budget Committee 16 Ministry of Programs and Performance


Sub-committee appointed by the Budget and Budget Committee for the implementation of 2030 strategy, program and performance budgets condoled the families of the country's martyrs.

The committee received a meeting of the Plan Budgets and fourth quarter of 2017/2018 at the meeting's meeting, Higher Education Programs, Scientific Research, Social Solidarity, Communications and Information Technology, Housing & Utility and Urban Communities, Transport and Education. Technical education ".

The Committee was originally received as a result of the actual course of the first generation of project and performance budgets for 2018/2019 for implementation of financial, annuity, trade and industry, manufap, supply, youth and sports, environment, social solidarity, communications and information technology and housing. Transport and scientific research. "Silvia said that all the budgets of the Ministry would be accepted and closed by the Cabinet every week.

According to the timetable of the Committee of 2021, we will achieve the best measure of 2021 program and performance capacity, "Mohammed Al-Sabi, representative of the finance ministry, said.

The representative of the finance ministry, Silvia Nab, told the committee to submit an action plan to increase Egypt's appraisal of the project, including budgeting and transparency standards.

For 16 ministries, we need to access the details of the program to the lowest accounting unit, implement the budget of projects and activities, as these ministries have exceeded the transition period and the application should be deeper.

Sylvia called the program at one time with finance and planning in NAB for training the representatives of each ministry, ministries and agencies. Therefore, to work effectively for everyone, and to inform the House of Representatives unless a Ministry is trained.

In order to ensure the success of GFMI, the Finance Ministry has asked the Ministry of Finance to address a program and performance budget units to monitor programs and performance budgets, such as programs and performance manufactures of the Ministry of Finance.

The strategic planning unit of the Ministry of Planning, headed by engineer Khalid Musthafa, Representatives of the Planning Ministry said that the ministry had set up an event and ministry headed by Jameel Hilli.

Two weeks later, an understanding was reached between the Ministries of Education and Regional Development on Education Directors, in order to provide accurate details of the program's recommendations as per the Committee recommendations. The Ministry of Education is remarkable in the Ministry of Finance, Technology and Regional Development.

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