Thursday , June 8 2023

Cartier and Ashoor attended the press conference


Premier League football coach Patis Cartier and team captain Hosam Ashori are participating in the press conference of the African Champions League final against Esperanto.

Press Conference is in Cairo at a press conference in the Redeices Stadium.

Cartier and Ashoor talk about the technical aspects of the competition and the answer to the final media queries.

In March, Brigadier General Mohammed Morgan, General Coordinator, Executive Director of Coordinator, General Manager, Bal Acting Director, Samir Adyal, Deputy Managing Director Maher Abdul Aziz will also attend the meeting.

The meeting will be held in Cairo at one o'clock and will complete all the details and regulatory measures to control the game.

In the main stadium at the Stadium Stadium, Al Ahli is in the final of the Champions League final against Espaz.

Cairo will start at 9 am on the same day that is scheduled to be Friday.

He trained twice in the stadium sub stadium rds. In the first match, Al Ahli won three goals. Burj Al Arab of Alexandria through one goal

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