Monday , February 6 2023

Cairo Governor Akaphaf and Ashraf's Captain are present today at the Hobbace service & # 39; Campaign launched


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Cairo Governor Akfafu and Ashraf's Captain today introduce campaign programs for humanity & quot; humanity & quot; & quot; Friday, November 9 Friday.

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Cairo Governor Mohammed Mukhtar Juma, Ashraf's Captain Major General Khalid Abdul Alal, First Vice President of the Presidency Shaikh Sufi Shaikhs, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Al Qassi, Chairman of the Committee of Solidarity Committees, God of Alexandria.

Ithaff's campaign to define tolerance in Islam comes from the launch of the Messenger of Earth's Human Services Launcher. The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) is permitted.

& # 39; The angel of humanity & # 39; s campaign campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism. , Followed by Friday's opening prayer, officially the 1440 Hijri spring days.

We are grateful to visitors and visitors of the Al Maner news portal that we offer you all new and important news from all credible sources. Cairo governor and captain Al Ashraf have launched the Humanism of the Humanities Campaign today and are responsible for the news.
Source: Egyptian Today

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