Sunday , July 3 2022

Ahmed Khorshid, the vice director of the photograph, honors the respective Atatash Association


On November 9th at 7pm, a ceremony was held to honor the director of the film, Ahmad Khorsheed, who was one of the market leaders in the history of Egyptian cinema. Musician Fadad Al-Asash, chaired by Adolf Al Said Currently, is close to the Sphinx hotel People's Assembly.

Amir Khorsheed was one of the 60 most important films in the history of Egyptian cinema. Najeeb Rihani's "Omar", Samee Ahmed "Al Shaima", Farid al-Arash "Habib Al Omar", "I Love You" and "Malish Girek" "You are my love.

Ima Khorshid, brother of Film Al-Arash Musician Omar Khorshid, after the experience of Café Iber Khurshid, the son of Ahmad Khosheed, .

This program includes beautiful artifacts from Egyptian stars. A singer and singer, a wanderer, sings it. A set of poets provide new poems .

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