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A driver and a child died. Nine injured


04:57 PM

Tuesday 20 November 2018

El Menaah – Mohamed El Megadi:

Nine people, including a driver and a child, were injured when a minibus collided with a road in the western desert near the Abu Bak'ahs district in Minneapolis's governorate. Security forces and ambulances went into the scene. She released a statement on the incident and informed the prosecution.

The director of the Abu Dhakkar Center told the body of dead bodies in the western desert.

Abdul Nasser Khamal Usman Abbas, 51, a resident of Alum Al Khuzur village in Anwal Al Khuzur village, identified as Adil Abbas, Ashfa Mohammad Ahmad Musa (45), Housewife House (8), Ala Kamal Usman Abbas (39) and Farmer (39) were the deceased. The 23-year-old Abdulifiz (23), 35-year-old Fathima Abdul Ra'am Abdul Nasser of Azit Governorate, 35 years old resident of Ummul-Khusoor village, Manuflot governorate, Asset Governorate, Hani Ali Abuz Umul Khusur village, is 35 years old. Bass Mohammad Fouzi Abdel Nasser, 18, was in the Manflot governorate of Alfred Governorate, Gaffis Village. For 16 years, Ahmad Mohammed Fauzi Abdel Nasser 10 years and Yasmin Muhammad Fousi Abdel Nasser less than a month.

Drug Health Inspector The bodies were transported by bodies of ammunition and ambulances to death due to the complication of headache and headache and severe bleeding of the respiratory tract.

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