Tuesday , March 21 2023

The new Mayor of Brno's OVS has changed from the OVS to Vokla Home


Burn New Prime Minister in Brune became ODS candidate Mark Vokov. In town hall, Peg Wakla moves away from the yogvin. A total of 55 people, including the Odissa, KDU-SL, Pirthi, and SSDMash, ended the polls.

The jack was not a candidate. Voice has been issued by 33 parties. The opponent is YES, deputy representative, Ji Faltnek from YO, son of Jaroslav Phaltenek.

Instead of previous leaderships, the shape of the Czech Republic, formerly the Blitar, KDU-SL, SN, Green Party, and Top 09. Investment, transportation, social work, marketing and tourism. People will care about health, cycling, sports, land and environment. Property, culture, public partnership, information technology, strategies and data analysis under the peder will be destroyed. SSD will be entrusted to manage and manage property ownership.

Vacuum arguments need to be fully recognized by the earth as the ticket height. Invest in the Multipuram Hall and Conservatory Hall.

James election YES to remove. After the election, a high-level OWL alliance was approved. But KDU-SS and SSD But the situation changed, alliance with ODS, KDU-SL, Pirt, SSD deputy and UAE UAE.

Council, East East. ODS and 10 will be released to support YES m 18 Mandate, Svobodnch 14, KDU-SL 8, STD ST, SSD PT, SPD RADA Bruno 11. He is inactive for traffic. There will be 14 independent agents.

Marty Vavco's Business Card

Marana Waikov (41, ODS), elected Mayor of Brunei:

  • He was born on July 15, 1977 in Brno
  • He graduated from the first faculty of the University of Massachusetts (2000). (2002)
  • Currently, Barney's City Council (from 2018), representative of the South Moravian Region (2016), City Council on the Bruno Stad (since 2002)
  • She worked as a lawyer in 2005. It is the first business to own a legal office, commerce and administration
  • When she joined the ODS in 2002 at age 25, she was councilors between 2006 and 2010, when she was the first deputy of Bruno stadium. In 2006, 2010 and 2010, Bruno City Council was first elected. But they did not participate in the elections in 2010 and 2014. They are the Madras Democratic People's Party this year
  • He married two children
  • The second captain in Brunei. First, in 1994 and 1998, Deputy Judge and Judge Dagmer Denmervov represented ODS as the word talk.
  • Volkov V Rock was a new company in 2007 as a Brandon Enterprise Office Office in 2011, registered in Lond, WR Drawyard Dodge, a new oak volley. Two times she was an advocate, but she was engaged in that work and said she was related to something to be questioned.
  • "We want to make a cheap and cheaper life for Brom," he said, adding that "if there is a need for new land acquisition, there will be many places for the construction of the flat," Vicow said outside the polls recently. A resident parking facility was introduced.
  • What is the mainstream he echoed in bilateral relations with Brennan's politics, is supporting the move toward taking over. "It's a technical question, it's very difficult to be with the study of SDC's, so the next steps should be made to create a new treasure in a reliable position," she said.
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