Wednesday , March 22 2023

The drill hit the passing subway with dozens of people! The mayor has evidence


The building drill was pierced at the bořislavka station 21 and the water passed through the hole on the rail. The operation was limited to two and a half hours, and the damage rose to several million crowns. "Tunnels in the tunnel have been blown up, resulting in groundwater penetration," said spokeswoman Aneta Řehková.

But this is not the only problem. It turns out that the drill is so deep that it has caused two metro failures. However, the mayor of Prague, a few days ago, based on information from the transport company, assured everything that he could not do anything at all.

"The carrier company could break to stop leaving us in the subway, we always realize why it was not dangerous and I do not know what it is all about." When the carrier company's board was finally told that they were there, but without cameras, without cameras, "said Ondřej Kolář.

Nearly two weeks after the collapse, it was proven that the drill could damage itself. "Someone had sent us pictures before dawn, showing damage to wagons, which certainly did not disappear," Kolar added.

"The drill tower pressurized the subway after the tunnel stopped, and could not penetrate deeper, only a double passage kit was damaged by colliding with a foreign object," said Rehkova.

No one wonders what will happen if the drill is worth a few inches more. According to the carrier's spokesman, however, passengers were not at risk because the drill stopped.

The value of the wagon is about 167 thousand kronor, according to the shipping company. In addition to the repair costs, the investor must also pay for the special service train to be ordered. Metro tube repairs have begun and will be completed next week.

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