Wednesday , October 5 2022

The Coldplay Band will play in Cheek and Slovak films


Cheek and Slovak films will be screened at a documentary titled One Head Full Of Dreams organized around the world – November 14, 2018

Performing a complex concert, playing and winning results with music lovers. All this is a cold platform and is the best music composer for many years with music programs. The creatine's strongest site – the power of real-time expressions – brings the balance sheet closer. From 2017 to the seventh album A Head Full of Dreams, the world's best tour is selected.

Cold platform programs are an unforgettable experience that visitors do not want to go to. The band does not normally lose the band, but head off a tour of tours. Czech fans in the British band also have an additional opportunity to become one of the most successful tastes in popular music history.

Silently twenty years of shooting

Shots from festive events are alternatives to the band archive with an attractive attraction. The director Matt Whitcross has been in bandwy since the very beginning. It was also the first exam at student hostel. There are many unpublished items on the canvas of canvas.

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