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StarDance abandon Richard Jensor. I will miss you, he said that culture


The "International" evening was the tones and step by step at Ramba. Dance, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish and Russian songs dance. Rubard Richard Jensar is sad. "I do not want to be a dream, but I will beat you," he said after retiring the moderator and actors. Dance competition is only after demonstrating Jensar is really a painter.

The pair, Dave Tomic and Mark DeDick, dancing in a Polish song dancing in the dumb. Tomy was hoping for the best excitement of Latin American dance. She was not only a great actress, but also an acrobat has proven amazing, gymnastic coir. Cold criticism failed: "Rumba is more important than quick and sluggish movements, and you were slow," she said, expressing their performance in the Toyota Drexler.

Veronica arkichewa and michael netpal. The fourth evening of the StarDance contest.
David Swavada, Veronica Laos. The fourth evening of the StarDance contest.

ATES Skodilco and Dalíborough Gondic, Kimura's unmatched quick movements have been cut off. Gopi tested the elemental ingredient (Kosakak folk dance, note red). The jury of dancing couple responded: "Today it was filled with a dramatic surprise evening," said Reed Balas. "Alice, you did well," says Waklava Kunes.

Moderator Daniela Pieira Rao and her companion danced in Rembang's Chinese composition. Performance factors related to the combination of activities in their corridor. Moderator Marak Eben appreciated his salmon's salmon dress. The performance of the jury was half. "I remember you, I liked the song and how you managed to hide those imperfect costs, you're starting a Latin," commentator Tatana Drexler said.

Jarri Dvorak, Lenga Nora Nawarro and their predecessors Ramba. This time in Greek song, associated with dance culture. She did well. At the end of Duarte's dance, he looked at the audience, just like his will. "You took me in my lap, that's good, the dance system is fine, you're like a body and a soul," said Radek Bales's dance. "I agree with Radek, but that expression he died," his colleague Zdeněk Chlopčík added. "It's hard for me to focus on so many things," Dvorak criticized. The jury's score was not bad.

David Svoda and Veronica LaVao also cut another emergency phase. This time in a guerrilla. Freedom enjoyed freedom, and it was like a sprint of the sports spirit. "Veronica, the most selected style, the music, the amazing places," a few Vulgar praised Guness. Eventually they arsenal with 36 points.

Richard Jenser and his friends performed a Cuenban dance in Romania. Passion, slow, slow down. "Well-chosen music and dance were like a blast, and I really liked it," said Tyanansa Drakeler. "Everybody is in trouble, but it's okay, it's probably very emotional," his colleague Zdeněk Chlopčík added.

The last dancer was Veronica Arquito and Michal Netspole. As Dancer Said, Ramba was the hardest part of Latin American dance. The couple selected the original song and chose well. Latin-American desperate dancing underline everything that works. "Great song, I had gosp and Veronica, all of which I forgave you, that was your best dancing," said Stench Klapsch. "This is the best dance." – co-worker Radek Ballas added. The jury has won the highest number of points.

Dilip Gondic Alice Stedolcov – Soon
step – 28

David Svoda, Veronica Lavao – Quick Steps –

Jar Dvorak, Lengterna Nora Navrovero –
A quick step – 36

Veronica Arkicheva and Mechal Nekpal – Rumba – 39

Daniela Pisaroviova and Mechal Melad – Rumba
– 31

Richard Jenser, Jatka Zelenka and Rumba – 33

Pavla Tomimco and Marek Deedik – Rumba – 25

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