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Small and large crossbow. In the fourth episode of the thrones, culture is an enemy that no one feels for him

West The only victory is the dragons. The new episode, Game of Thrones, was a symbol of the story that would lead this series. But in the worst direction, the viewers will succeed. Going back with Lidovky.cz's fourth episode. The article contains an article on broadcasting of the eighth series.

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High biden bone
CERNovtsy (Jerome Flin) 's favorite CyberGig Bron is back! But this time at the wrong part of the table. They knew exactly where Jamie (Nicole Coaster-Waldau) and Tyrian (Peter Dyinel) knew exactly where.

However, there is a comparatively new companion, but the borrower is still a calculation. The Greeks promised Greeks to kill two brothers. In exchange for his life, Tyrone promises that he will pass this offer and give himself to the hyper guard, the Teral Family.

Stock Meeting in the Sacred Grove (from left): John Snow (Kit Harrington), Sansa Starc ...
Dragon Dragon (Emilia Clarke) with Cranky

Today we do not know much of Troll's family. Olina was poisoned with her brother, Lauras, and her MacDay was killed in a bomb blast Sepam, but Tyrell. A whole crowd of cousins ​​appeared in the series (not to mention the books). For instance, the royal doctor went to the infamous Purple Wedding. Is there a possibility to tell about his death? In any case, the family of the game of Thrones claims to have killed Wiki.

Even if no one even claims to the High Garde, Tarinon does not offer a good offer. This is a large lodge. Moreover, nobody boast of political power. If the Dynasty Targarine (Emilia Clarke) sits in an iron empire, she will have her own intentions. If Denies Case fails, the Brothers of Lanister can find their punishment before coming to the Brain. Perhaps, after that, they were a better course to die of a former Kron's hand.

Night night
Jardi Lanister and Trier's Grindolinine Cristian. Finally, the work is happy with this work. A man and a girl and a sister (perhaps still) are blind to a blind man, just hope to be a couple. Pavam Tharmond Obrubruub (Christopher Hiju), who sought Brian.

But the idioms will not last long. Jamie goes back again, and strains it. He is about to take part in King Dock's war, but it is not clear from his invisible words. Is Chroma's last possibility being God's queen? Of course, Sarsi will definitely take his brother out of a decisive moment to make it open.

SIRC LISTERER> White Pedestrian
A glass of wine, no desire for a smile. In the eight games series Percy "Pinki" Belish (Aidan Gillen), Sergey Lanetter (Lena Hette) persuaded to do such a punch. She used her brother, hated people, refused to break off the whole bayero. Her only positive feature is love for her own children, but she has no place. Now at the moment, the serce is pregnant. This will certainly play an important role in the remaining two.

Casey Calcutta In his last episode, the King's Harbor offers a "house" right on the red bushes. But if the drainage forces attack them they are being used as human traffickers. The film is characterized by the character Mothandai from Emanuel Emmanuel. This war will be personal. This is not a battle with Night King.

Wonders! Uranus is not in vain
Iron Grajaoy (So Asbach) has called himself a bloodthirsty. First cut off, then thought about. When Sirsi saw his royal crown on his head, he was disturbed.

But Yuvan is not in vain. In the fourth episode of the seventh series, episode Fight), Uriyan does not fear them. Heavy crankshots connected with ships in Narampala with ballisticists, he was shot by a major raigirl. To sum up, you need both your army and your army.

Crazy queen's disease
Denizris was gradually becoming mad as the biggest contraction in the last episode. It's Dinaris the Liberator and the Mother of the Dragons! The new dinarice is ready to destroy thousands of people to reach the throne of Iron. The new Daenerys Jan (Kit Harrington) does not hesitate to cast it to Hitler to keep his true identity. New Daenerys are afraid.

Her helpers are afraid. Tyrion and Varys ask themselves, "It is better to serve someone who becomes a treasurer." Maybe John Snow (actually Eugen Targarin) would be a great king.

The Spirit sends the spirits of the Spirit to John Snow, he is protected by the northern tarmmond ...

Jon Snow leaves the soul of the soul which leaves the north from the thermont protection (Christopher Hivuz). Game of Thrones, eighth series, fourth volume.

The end of life and death. Mrs. (Natalie Emmanuel), Queen Serie ...

The end of life and death. Mensady (Natalie Emmanuel), Queen Serie Lanist (Lena Headi). Game of Thrones, eighth series, fourth volume.

Dennis Ergier II was the father of Targarine. Targarine. The sword of Jamia Lancaster did not prevent him from extinguishing the fire on the King's King. Targarines often speaks madman because of their marriage. Brothers of the Dinaris, King Ariez and Queen Reilla are brothers.

Do dinosaurs mad about the game of thrones? It's a very interesting break from the script writers. Jamie is lucky to come now. He has experience in killing the mad rulers.

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