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Slavia is not Moscow. SV About the price, joke about the move

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Ctm is ready, if not, I would not have been misunderstood. Not the type I want to go for a whole year, but now goes out, Sack said.

I'm glad I did something in Slavia. EM miss the memory, I know my fans. I had a great deal of appreciation and got rid of anything else.

That's all, as soon as possible, European League slugs, strategic League goals, S assists and dark clove rolls.

By the time all the year I'm definitely a radii. We are dominant since the first round and I personally do so, so I can not get to know if I can get better seasons, after banning the national house in Vinaharati.

Few more footballers, Nicole Kommleno 28 Glow in the League. I'm glad they voted for my performance.

Sportsman Jan Nesmum said Slavia could go forward one step further. Is this with moni?
Ur. We had this season, Slavy, we got a double, we'll be sure next. When you have such a good performance and when you twinkle together, so do not get together.

On the other hand, talk about going abroad. Is that true?
Correct it, okay. This is a grape shield for me, and there I see it. If I decide on time, I will decide as well. Champion leagues are becoming an inspiration for the league in Slavia, but once again stronger I will see the world's darkness again. That's the first day I want to do that.

Have you bought something?
He was not yet, but I'd like to say clearly about the arrest. Zbv necel msc, it's a terrific power time. Only days will happen, that will happen. It may be possible to use bt from the beginning of maintenance. It will be in Slavia or elsewhere. This is a fear of padding, bad for bidding.

How does the club ask for ten million euros?
You're joking, that's an incredible amount. As for me, it's a big sheet. (Skr) But I deserve to have a Slavia like this, and there are lots of twins that I like to pay. Pid it on your own.

Speak to go to Moscow in Spartak.
I heard the feeling. But Moscow is not so interesting, Slavia c. A football player must have football dl. As you grow, the best league, for quality competition. You, Germany, Italy, this … Russia, Turkey, or America, I took forever.

Do you have an entry clause in the contract?
Well, that's just the right idea between me and Mr. Dwyer. We have to respect each other and respect each other.

Do you have a profitable deal with Mr Tever before Messis?
No, here are the millimeters. Everything is from Monday.

Does your family play a big role in the decision?
We have a little daughter, you can easily see her: uncle, aunt … a stranger to say this. But on the other hand, my partner will be good, if I'm, she will have a parachute. (Skr) The partner fears it, but he has prepared it.

How do you work in foreign languages?
Our friend meets an ordinary meeting with an angle. I want to make deeper meaning to shorten the corners, in any case.

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