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Ostrava Djani Spatili Medvada, in the village of Besskedi

In the village of Ostravaise, in the baskhed mountains

In the village of Astrice, in Beskiedi, we were invited to visit that guest. / Photo illustrator

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In the village of Astrice, in Beskiedi, we were invited to visit that guest. The village had warned on internet pages. He is a witness of the Witnesses, as stated in the mineral of the association of East European Prologues (SUU). However, it is not enough to invite visitors to Vsetnsko the last few times. On the mountains of Bascidie, Medvedev tells Orelek two of the footsteps.

"We know the residents of the village of Ostravice, on November 15, 2018, at 8 o'clock between the Ostravice village and the broad-minded people, they tried to protect their own security," said Ostravice Depytice, village. First, there was a public radio based on information.

Pavelana Stançayov invited visitors to the guest house of the hotel Mayer Elad. "The hotel officials notified us and told us about 15 photographers, then we were informed.

According to Milan Orcho from SOP, the validity of witnesses is very important. There are people who see the influence of the information vanattileviteyea in the city, "he said. But, in her opinion Valaska and Moravian-sailisyan Bear prohibit it from Beskydy. However, he invites me to species, age spots and acne yuvakkukutate from his. Vsetnska, the young man probably right kutirappatayaliyumalla, vettayatukalil O. Moving to the hills, fiscal, aprasaktamanennum his tracks, he said, he was a naksatravumanennum an Emma.

This species is unusual in the footsteps of men walking to and near the cisine. In the counter, he killed some of the sheep, goats, and many others. They were expecting to catch them in a cage that they had set up on the scene. Two governors of G-Giano (KDU-SL) in Einstein County talked about deputies. There was a bag, trapped trapped in the Hluboka nad Vltavou at the Temelna rescue station where the zoo worked. The Zoological Garden from Belgium received this invitation.


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