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Online: Ecclesiastes 1: 2, 8th, 8th, eight widows


Esk Obsmaster Peter Sørkk (left), VDS Tone Anton Vishwan

| Photo: TK

Escalation Hokkiew's representation begins with a wrestling in Karjala Cup. Naturally, I'm in the tipport war arn pipomn's tips. 110. This is the first double of hockey league, mallow hi, new in shirts. Watch online online.

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Reno Fasal, president of the International Hockey Federation (IIFF) and Russian Hockey League president Vandislab Trejak welcomed the audience.

ESKO – See UK, online

Someone else does not go against that widow. Esk and Esso-Sliemen representation were among the most memorable in history, according to General Secret of Marshall Urban Hockey.

HWW is preparing for Monday from Monday's meeting. He plays with Jubu Kovu (Finch's goal) and Jakub Nakdal in the Karjala Tournament.


Jacquay Cov Nakdal (c), call (a), brain,
Craze, samsk, jorde, M. Duder, D. Muscle Sec, Nestréil, D.
Kubal Kausar, Tomak, H. Sohorna A. (a) and R. Horn, red
Wincor, Hork, Lenk – Sadrall.

Although he tried to replace Yonoho in the captain, he would not be injured.

Boys agree that he will be captain, after one year of training.

Hockey Tournament winners are among the hockey players who have won gold medals at the World Championships in May. TroyCronor has 11 new names, 16 of which are from the list (SHL).

They go after NS. They clean the pack, and everything goes down at great speed. We have to go with the name of a Roman hockey in a club whiskey.

Kargala Tournament Program in Prachanda and Helsinki

Thursday November 8:
Finland – Russia (Helsinki)
18:20 esko – vdsko (Prague – Tap Port Arina)

Saturday, November 10 (Helsinki):
12:00 vdsko – Russia
16:30 Esco – Finland

Sunday, November 11 (Helsinki):
12:30 escorts – Russia
16:30 Finland – Belgium

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