Friday , May 20 2022

New Reports on the Karate Gote: There is a program where everyone can participate in the hospital! –


"Every day you get the drops taken by him and you know he's not excited to be in the hospital, but he's right," he says, "he says, source from the musician's surroundings. From this week, Karl Gate is in a hospital in Prague on Charles Square. There he used airway inflammation. Fortunately, everything seems to be true.

However, because of its disease resistance, Carl Gott Fort has to be stopped. One doctor and his wife, Ivan, can stay in the room. But during the visit you should wear a mask.

Carroll Gott is hospitalized on Friday. In the meantime, he should be somewhat funny, so there is an expert with him to listen to the new albums he's going to hear. When he does not listen and does not communicate with his friends and loved ones, he reads a few books that he wore a few times … Well, he will be comforted and will soon be ready to celebrate his birthday. Of course, such a rest is in the wait of Karel Gotte.

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