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NASA allows science to send its name to Mars via Earthlings

United States Last year, NASA offered a new opportunity to those who lost their chance to send an indet alert on Tuesday. On Twitter, they will now sign up for a boarding ticket on the new Robotic Rover Mars mission's 2000 mission and will go to Red Planet next year.

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The first person in the planet Mars will be a few years ago, but we are offering the opportunity to keep a chip for the red planet in the market 2000 rover, "NASA said.

However, this offer applies to most of the people who do not show interest or interest in the insight of the inspection until this opportunity is lost. Those who have already broken the "legs" of neighboring nations can apply for their name on another Mars mission.

On September 30, all interested parties can sign up on NASA's website. The Marshall Islands will land on Mars from July next year until February 2021. After a seven-month deep space flight.

The Rover 2020 is about the possibility of life on Mars, but today, but not more of the past. A landing site, a scientist, a former environment for environmental and microbial species selected. Robotic equipment collects soil, rock, and samples and collects on the Martian surface for future transportation of their future. In laboratories on earth, samples should be analyzed to determine the possibilities of life in the past, and sample test on future risk factors for Mars.

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