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M & M Test Holder View 20

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The respected Pixel models have always been successful. It's OK to see the Multiverse View 20. On the other hand, if not less than 15 thousand crown still lkav, the competition here is reduced.

The best killing murders blame 20 modern and conservative approaches. When a modern design has 20 pits, a ring or design display, a conservative conservative design and its components are made. Funk, actually, look at the 20 most fancy phones, do not miss it, just tech. This is good for many, a luxury photo card.

What's wrong with him?

Close the show. It's not like the unmatched smart phones, not the big boats overhead, usually in structural surfaces. This is an IPS panel, not always a few competitors, like bugs and colors. We think the conservative value of 2,310 x 1,080 pixels is as wealthier as we can benefit from battery power and power.

The 6.4-inch display is a giant. Select city rings. The ring is plenty of good, and Sizzob's decent experience does not turn out. It's very little, everything is very beautiful. View 20 Even though I have a fingerprint in the show, I'm happy with the classic walls. This is not the modern practice.

Okay, what is that?

Everything is dissatisfied. True, you are not honored with water and dust, it includes bugs, but it is the only practical step in smartphones. It requires fast recharging and battery charge. Users can select 128 or 256 GB internal memory (card slot optic errors) and two SIM support versions. Also the 3.5mm jack connector will not forget the connector, which disappears from many other smartphones.

Pros and Cons of

Pro to buy

  • pikov vbava
  • High strength
  • Love
  • Good price

Are you progressing

  • An IPS display

when? For sale

How much14 990 K.

The main role is high energy: the latest radius 980, 6 or 8 GB RAM plug (more RAM comes in the internal memory of RAM). We tested the first edition of 8 GB of RAM, and it is unbelievably acceptable. In the Huawei Memory 20 Pro processor and many tests, the Huawei P30 Pro, which has been heated to a very low, lowers the end of the horizon (310,000 points from 317,000).

M L is it?

After designing a non-nen 20 phone call for Kado. Looking forward is very good. From this piece on this very simple phone, Mimimon Rimmy and Morning Morning. The backdrop is just a wild one. They are very shiny, but it is actually an extraordinary model, with bright colors that glow on. No doubt, this is real and respective view 20 It's easy to identify with this design element, but it's for someone. This pattern is visible in color variations. From black, the blue tested and completely red.

Is it dangerous?

Appreciation 20 is a 6.4 inch display. However, we do not think it is perostl. It is a great smartphone, but due to the size of the display size and the low size, it is a very limited piece. Thus, the size limits of 156.9 x 75.4 x 8.1 mm are not significantly reduced. When the glass is bent down, the phone is on the back side of the back side. In addition, a very large round element contributes to the display. See 20.

How to use

Well. Version 9.0 and Magic UI 2.0 were available on the Android OS. This is similar to what we call Huawei as EMUI, which requires modernization of the ns after the graphic stab. Or, that works well. The display will merge with the city and makes good, modern gestures in the blood. It is the same as that given in the seductive models ns Android gestures is one of those better applications. There is no one to know this way. Select the classic cast using the buttons I navigated.

Since we have high energy, we have not seen the system much faster and flowing, nor any tendency to slow down. Users are integrated with the credibility and respect of the issue that issues a problem. Now the situation is better, the power of the place and the ring change and notifications of the ring are not lost.


It is his secret ture. At one glance, his lineup is a minuscule combination. In the double fak, today's modern features do not provide two loops, it is irokohl or optic zoom. The F / 1.8 OPTIC also has a deep field with 48 megapixel IP.

The first view of the set made of a thousand coins. That kind of smile is not normal. This is a tof, ie the time of the flight camera, there is another deep field in yet another way. This includes the Honey P30 Pro, the Nokia 9 PureView, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Focus Mon is using this type of intensity, but the intermediary hoop's pad is doing it, and even the simplest simple set of magic to express it. Photos are both natural and more detailed. It is often not possible to be proud of the leaker competition. Yes, in the zoom area, the owner of the order will be quite perfect, but if the snmk itself, the view is 20 is very good. Non photography is very good discipline, the AII works here and the Kirin 980 processor can do so.

How the Vdr Battery

Very solid. Built in battery 4000 mAh Sometimes it would like to control itself as the phone's traffic in traffic will lose two days by combining a modern processor and a relatively rare display. It's a cool one day. If there is only a small amount of non-dischonging energy in the furnace, it is quickly recharged and the USB-connection has been referenced to 55% of the battery capacity.

I have him

The respective view is a smart and smartphone with 20 exciting performance. He is not wrong, but with the price of 14 990 crown he can easily forgive him. A powerful version of a user with memory and RAM has a small bit of 16 990 crowns, which is a lot of money on any phone. The cheapest option is ideal.

Although the view is a good model, it's pretty good. The Nokia 9 PureView is a new 15990 crown price that is not designed to zoom. Nokia is Android, but you need to use an old processor and display a fingerprint.

It's just a machine. The new price is 20 Xiaomi Mi 9. It has a 12,999 crown and the most powerful Snapdragon 855 processor. It has a three-wheel photo card, a cordless recharge and other small things. 3 300 mAh No battery or cadmium required.

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