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Instead of prostitution of silk. Open new brothel in the center of the PRark – Pražský


PRAGUE 7 November 2018, 21:39 – Christian Wick

Photo: Photo: Natti Harbor

At Prague Center, Sexual Wiseness has started running a new prostitute, the first such kind in the Czech Republic. It will be opened all day and give clients a chance to have two sex friends.

Waiting for the sexual revolution. This trend is widespread, not just in Europe but abroad too. In Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and neighboring jazz, some "true terror" silicon virgins are more attractive than real women. In Japan, silk virgins (or real dolls) in our environment, Noti Harbor, Prague, are now considered the most complicated sex organs.

Will she save the virgin?

The new note should be Harbor, Prague, Independent, shameful for the Nazis, or a solution to the suppressed fantasies. Some couples, perhaps their unfaithful sexuality, are a way to save marriage that has fallen off.

The company is located at Prague in mid-10s. Prague 1. Opening every morning from 10 am to 10 am. Natti Harbor has not yet been selected from two sexy virgins. Each beauty has its name, different height, hair colors, and body proportions. The client can choose between a small red rebecca or a black and dark thorns. At half an hour of a real doll, the client 1,200 CZK, an entire hour CZK 1,900 cash. In a luxurious apartment environment, you can experience one or more sexual experiences at that time. What is satisfaction?

"The virgins are at home with a virgin at home and are prepared by sterile professional procedures without the need for their own preparation, eliminating client cleaning, transcription, dressing and wildlife," Pragi's Nati Harbor

Prague is just the beginning

On the way, there is a plan to open other businesses that serve as a "showroom" to buy Harbor Silicon virgin kit. This is a very expensive product ranging from CZK 30,000 to CZK 150,000, so the customer can first test the virgin. The part of the site is eshop.

Business is hoping not only to become the largest network of sex workers, but also night-time checks in Europe and a retailer. The views of the founders are optimistic and expect that the clients will grow. At the same time, we are planning our own revolution and full revolution.

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