Tuesday , March 28 2023

DS7 crosses the SB market. Good luck


Hermes, Lewis Whitto, and Chanel are not known. This is a great French character to reintroduce DAS. For some time now, all threads are trying to break through the citran, the new crossover dish 7 crossbok first model. First in the market.
A luxury product, not only its premium price, but also related services. Ford tried to export Vignali with a similar idea. But the French DS is a longtime champion. If there is any car ownership, do not worry about it. In regular service tests, the car can decide whether to rent a workshop or a service technician or a maidservant.
Self-help is also helpful in burning tire or fuel refueling.
Odinini will also enjoy the film itself. Therefore, do not pick up the DS models in the car showrooms of the locomons because it does not agree with the winner of the backslider. This will be a new showroom for DS models. Moreover, not all workers are trained in France, but they need to be well maintained.
There is only one showroom in the esque. It is complete before November. You can go to Brigade to check some of the available models. Otherwise, the DS cars do not decide how to submit it beforehand. Active 390 sales points are active. At the end of the summer year, they will be 450 and their number will rise to 700 by 2021.

Engine Power Gearbox Performance line So chicken Grand chick
1.5 BlueHDi 95 kW / 300 Nm 6 man 895,000
1.5 BlueHDi 95 kW / 300 Nm 8 AT 945.000
2.0 BlueHDi 130 kW / 400 Nm 8 AT 1.015.000 1.015.000 1,190,000
1.6 PureTech 133 kW / 250 Nm 8 AT 965,000 990,000 1,165,000
1.6 PureTech 165 kW / 300 Nm 8 AT 1.015.000 1,040,000 1,215,000

Jin pstup

Attempting to avoid the DOS 7 crossbok model. Technically, it is connected to other models of the PSA Group, but it is viewed for the first time. Like the Odin, you can find some of Volkswagen's components together, but when the shape of the DS is another way.
The car design is very interesting. Light is like Audi Q7. This is another method of chrome rubbing ascending mask. Design a lot of lights. In the front lines the eye is unlocked by turning 180 degrees, which is very interesting to view. Rear lights are the most striking spatial effect triangular systems.
The best details of the car are a whole part. But it's not that easy. But it's important from a good idea to impress the car. In the case of gold metal (this is a passive inspiration) it does not go too far, but as the car mrnc posts in black or black.

This does not really work as an original, really attractive interior. Do not find materials like metal inside you or do not get deposits or attachments. While I was driving for about 20 minutes with my car, I did not share the same components with other PSA models. Classic watch from BRM for the top of the dashboard.
DS 7 crossbags do not have modern technology, or have some non-show behavioral women's systems. With the help of cameras, the technical difficulty is a mechanism that changes the driver suspension to intercept carriage. Similar to luxury mercury, we know how the system works in the DC model.
Traveling is a matter of time. Two engines (1.5 kV power, 2.0 bluetooth with 130 kW), 1.6 liters, power 133 or 165 kW for engines. All engines lead to front wheels. All except the weak turbose, volatile adjustable gearbox, all the engines use an eight-speed automatic gearbox.
The plug-in hybrid version produces 147 kilowatt watt of 1.6 liter Puretech engine. Two electric motors (80 kV power output capacity). One of the electric motors will pull the pin wheels, and the DS 7 and a net are available.

The first kilometers

The first introduction of the new model is actually a mole. Even for a damaged road in the Smyana region, DS 7 has been rated adequate depending on many inequalities, a backwards free work and a good job. The chassis is very good. Or, the rest of the car's car is. Glass is a normal sound and can be used for voice and glass. Cooperation between the diesel engine and the gearbox worked in a single person. Overall, the DS 7 crossbach has come out of creative imports, which will have to face the classic Teddy test.

Prices are very low. 95 KV motor future pump and a gearbox with a manual minimum of 895,000 K. To some extent. On the other hand heavy burden is very rich. The rear parking sensors are standard digital digital titles, dual digital air conditioning and LED light LED scandden headlights.

The Grand Chick is represented by 165 KW engines. It costs 1.215 Kerry. Here is an insecure packet, father for LED illuminations, BRM hours and road surveillance monitoring activity. However, it will not be the final sum paid for Non Width (+ 42,000 K), K Napa (+ 85,000 K), 25,000 K Tune, Red Absolute or Pearl Blush Pearl.
Grace is a free drive service contract that includes 5 years experience and regular gossip. You can alter or restore the neglected ones, including the subversion.

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