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ČSOB, Reserve Reserve, Commercial Bank and Uni Credit Bank this year 700 million CZK


The Czech Republic, one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic, earned $ 41.2 billion, 700 million each. It provides results from banks results. Small numbers have been significantly affected last year's considerable yields. Including the termination of Foreign exchange interactions at the Check National Bank.

Compared to the third quarter of 2017, in the third quarter of 2017, profits went up slightly, with the exception of unusual revenue and expenditure, and the central bank at this time increased the interest rates at interest rates. This is reflected in interest rates for deposits, for example, the rate at which interest rates for maturity payments are high, "said Professor Harris Analyst Jari Possez ČTK.

The main reason for lowering profits by banks was in the growing competition. Radim Dohaanal of Capitoline dot code added. Uni Credit Bank is a good risk management model by the accusation, so the bank has a better value than others. In the future, the profits of the banks will increase, and thanks for the rise of the coronation. They mean high interest margins, he said.

The largest banks of the Czech Republic are:

Profits in the third quarter of 2018 In the third quarter of 2017, 2016 quarterly net profit Net profit for the third quarter of 2015
ČSOB 11.5 billion 13.5 billion 12 billion 11 billion
CheckUser 11.8 billion 11.7 billion 11.9 billion 11.1 billion
Commerken Bank 11 billion 11.2 billion 10.6 billion 9.9 billion
Uni Credit Bank CRR, SR 6.9 billion 5.5 billion 4.9 billion 4.6 billion

Ceská spořitelna CZK at 11.8 billion in the fourth quarter of this year. It was approximately 140 crore CZK annually. Commerce Bank reported a 2.4% fall in net profit to CZK at $ 11 billion. In the first year or the last year, headquarters 6.1 per cent increased by eliminating single objects, including the creation of building construction restructuring.

Profit declined by 15 per cent to $ 11.5 billion in the quarter. Last year's unusual income and growth of investment. Czech and Slovenia Uni Credit Bank reported a net profit of 267 million euros. Last year, the growth was 23%.

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