Friday , March 24 2023

Cooma mafia's comic crimes Criminals are raising three policemen and children – ČT24 – Czech television


"Three copies and a child are a family comedy detective, which is different from all around you, you're killing it, our detective does not normally do a horny act, instead a pitchfinder forgets the sun and instead of a sunblock and a weapon of service, they still experience dramatic stories, Al That's why enkil justice and love has always won, "he said teamas baldins'skiyeat.

Cosmo wrote a comedy series two years before the checkout. Gene Bartek directed the promotion of Chex's expedition in the German movement. Jan Bartek is the supervisor of three votes and children. CT as the creator of the invisible sequel of water The viewers can see his co-director Rata Bajjar.

"Domestic check stories"

In the new criminal series, all crimes are being done, new drug dealers, masquerar robbers, and all sorts of criminals are missing in the new crime series, but they will not be damaged by crimes. Instead of "internal check stories".

"It is my wish to see the character of Karl, the family moves to a jivitaghattattilettumpealum muttacchanayittan the rest of the chief of the local Crime viramikkalilekk changed. Melannak. Srrrealare felt his trust in a peaceful Walking keaccumakanekkuricc. But a lot of things. The former sahapra for him, Rttakare constantly adds inquiries, "he said in his serial skeapaleat svaveapleak.

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