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Children are great antibiotics in syrup


There is a lot of myths about antibiotics in check patients. Ignorance is an unnecessary fear of their use, but increases overweight. Pharmacists say that not only the health of the patients but the next generation will have unhealthy results. Cheque Pharmacy Chamber (ČLnK) owns Antibiotic Kambli's antibiotic weekly ninth week at European Antibiotics Day.

Studies conducted last year show that every fifth patient with antibiotics against influenza, cold or viruses is effective. Therefore, they believe that it is essential to develop awareness in this area that pharmacists help themselves. Over 11 million pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic have joined this year's campaign. Between November 19 and 25, 2018 pharmacists will remind patients how to use antibiotics properly. Practical tracts that contain important information in the use and storage of antibiotics will be available to the public. The nearest pharmacy of the year was found through the Pharmacy app in the Czech Republic.

Antibiotics – good servant, bad master

Antibiotics are drugs designed to treat bacterial infections. They are not effective against viral diseases. They are a very effective medicine for diseases such as Angina or Lime boralealosis, which are known for their specific signs and uses.

"Kurippatiyilunt antibiotics, because they can choose the appropriate drugs to identify bacterial infection, but only a doctor. Patients will explain an antibiotic Fit reagikalekkuricc used in the correct way, and to answer the patient's questions and identify the feasibility of other commonly used drug Guevara United States. I think for the fifth time this year, the proper use of antibiotics and pharmaceutical students and pharmacists, public beadhavatkaranattin sambhavanaceyyanamenn pharmasis antibiotic of the week. Anribayeattikkukaluteyum a mix of unnecessary concerns regarding their usage limits and may be harmful to your health " CNN president says Lubomir chudoba. If the antibiotics are not used correctly, their effectiveness will reduce the patient not only to the population but also to indirectly reduce the population.

Last year, the World Health Organization released 12 list of bacteria last year. Antibiotics have immunity due to increasing resistance.

For children, antibiotic syrups are appropriate

In this year's campaign, pharmacists primarily call their parents to give their children an antibiotics correctly for babies. Most antibiotics for children and children are antibiotics. The baby's weight is much better than conventional pills and it's easy to control the baby's weight.

Author: Archív ČLnK

Children get antibiotic syrups

"It is important to follow the medicines and food strictly directed by parents, as the antibiotics can not be reduced as a result of infection or other complications, the dose can not be reduced even by the end of the treatment." The use of antibiotics will benefit not only children but also for future generations, He explains Alas Crabs, Vice President of ČLnK.

Dosage should be strictly observed in both children and adults. If the interval only lasts a bit, then the mistake should be corrected. A considerable perspective of the dose of the dose must be sought by the doctor.

Provide children with precision antibiotics

  • Antibiotics work only in bacterial infections, and flu, cold, or viruses may not work.
  • The bacterial infection is approved by a doctor, so antibiotics are only in the prescription.
  • Children get antibiotic syrups.
  • Check out a pharmacist for proper administration of antibiotic syrup for your child. Follow pharmacist recommendations, effectiveness of the antibiotics affects the combination of other drugs, different foods, and antibiotic syrups.
  • Before shaking the antibiotic syrup, store it in the pharmacy and use only a certain number of fridges.
  • Antibiotics should always be given to your child for a fixed time prescribed by your doctor.
  • Listen at intervals of fixed time. Slightly adjust the interval of the break and measure the measurements. Consider a long time interval, see a doctor.
  • The child should be healed after treatment and after that.
  • Proper exemption for treatment of antibiotics is probiotics.


It is interesting to note that pharmacologist's advice is preserved

Patients may adversely affect their effectiveness without the specific drug abuse. Treatment for antibiotics is a must if not only in adequate measurement, but also in diet and other drugs. That's what medicines help patients with specialized pharmacists.

"The patients explain how to keep pharmacists properly and use antibiotics" Spokesman ČLnK says Michael Bajontava. Especially in children's syrups: "For most of the antibiotic syrups, only a few days are left, and they need to be kept in the fridge, and the essence of the active ingredient in the fluid is uniform, Advises.

"Follow the regimens in the form of antibiotics (syrup or pills) and the probiotics that the antibiotic therapy for children and adults should take during and after a suitable antibiotic treatment, Recommends Michael Bajondava.

Providing children with antibiotics is not only during this time but also to work effectively in their future and future.

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