Wednesday , September 28 2022

Chex scientists have found an inexpensive way to treat cancer


The portal has documented that radiation landscapes and other substances that help diagnostic diagnostic check – cancer have been found to be the lowest production method.

A scientific article published by the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and Martin Harby from the Institute of Macrommolar Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences published in Natural Communication.

According to the portal, these nanodermes are used in diagnostics and nanomedicine. High pressure and temperature are synthesized from graphite to synthetically. However, pure nanodaya is not suitable for these purposes. This is why the glasses of the glass are damaged first, making it special mistakes that help them to read the spatial.

This damage is often created by harmful use of fast ions in neuromuscular acceleration. Nuclear boron atoms have developed a new type of cheek scientists in a nuclear reactor that passes through ionic ions of light and fast, of helium and light.

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This type of radiation has high density and high efficiency. So, as the portal suggests, the rare nanomaterials may be cheaper and more expensive, and more than one thousand times more than the accelerator radiation preparation. The newly discovered method does not only succeed in building a nano-material grid, but also works with silicon carbide. According to scientists, this technique serves on a large scale and globally.,

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