Wednesday , March 22 2023

Check manufacturing companies can not exploit the possibilities of digitalization


Lack of qualified and qualified employees is one of the biggest obstacles to the implementation of industry 4.0 equipment. From the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies are guaranteed to increase productivity, to address the problem of employment scarcity and to increase productivity. Half of those who intend to spend more than 10% of the expenditure on investments in the coming years. They evaluate the third year of industry study in the EY Consulting Institute and the Czech Chamber of Economics.

Two-thirds (68%) of companies in the current Digital Revolution are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, half of respondents (48%), and System Consolidation. "The business model used to modify or enhance munganunnatum progressive digitization of their production capacity significantly to global manufacturing companies," EY Business Advisory Crop of Unity, explains the senior partner Pitt: "Czech companies are mostly tested and partially correct the partial topics, CA Do not exploit the potential of the new technology and the development isthanaparamaya transformation. "

In the industry, 4.0 respondents expect to improve productivity (57%), solving labor shortages (50%), and more flexibility in production (36%). "Check producing companies can not even be able to exploit the possibilities of digitalization and the company is not a product or warehouse, but it is the ability to check insiders to inspire abroad, and companies that digitize are approaching more complex and strategically." The corporate manager of ASE's Corporate Consulting Department I'm baryan.

Big data (26%) mainly concentrate on companies, which analyzes the inner data expected by state co-operation in the form of support for the important ICT infrastructure. Approximately two thirds (62%) consider modernization of production sites to utilize industrial 4.0 equipment. "Industry 4.0 is not directly involved in the implementation of technology and technological products, institutional changes in the field of manufacturing management, and smart solutions are important, and Czech companies still do not know this need," says Kareena Kebelkova, chief analyst at the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic.

Lack of qualified staff is disturbing each other

Half of the companies that have studied are in danger due to lack of qualified staff and industry and technology. Employee skill development programs have already been implemented or intended to be implemented in every third institute (34%). "The Czech economy is dependent on the factor of labor, and the weaker job market is now a major driver of investing in new technologies, and we give us a special opportunity to speed up the upgrading of the value boundary," says Kareena.

Check companies (38%) The lack of qualified staff has helped to solve state support in the area of ​​development of new areas of intensive learning. "In the absence of experts in the manufacturing and export industries of small schools and universities, 4.0 interconnected professionals in the labor market, increase productivity in the current situation of small industry, productivity and efficiency of qualified work force creation," Jan Burien said.

Companies believe industry 4.0 devices can be implemented by self-help

Most of the respondents (43%) in the industry are planning to use 4.0 devices and plan companies (44%) to spend more than 10% of the industry's 4.0 devices over the next three years. "Business processes Digitalization and working in data Industry 4.0 is primarily business and marketing In the production of its own, the weaker masters evaluate the winnowing quality and sensory qualities of technology during the technologies, and as a large vine product, Focusing on the effectiveness and effectiveness of agronomic technologies, the least partial restructuring in this category, "says Ondrage Berangki, Managing Director of Bohemia Sec.

"As part of the future vyavasayavikasanattinre 4.0, we expect the company to ensure a smooth transition between the various open platforms and construction management processes, systems and the smooth vertical consolidation communicate with each other. The data area only after it has self-learning systems arhi the importance of its sanskkaranavum Adding. This will help to break the deal with the necessary analytical work. It is often the data processing, "says Senior Director Vlastimil Cech optical mippa.

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