Monday , May 29 2023

Broken Opava Coach: I crashed like an arrow. Does this make sense?


Not only did he lose points in the 10th round of the Fortune League, but the way the team presented itself also shattered him.

“I was totally devastated. I speak passionately, but I wonder what and how it means to move forward. I am four hundred miles away from my family. We’ve got a setback, it’s ruining me, ”Cove said.

Are you thinking of resigning?
No, but we need to talk to management to bring in someone or continue like this. If so, that doesn’t make sense to me.

The wild scenes in Opawa, the derby ended in a fight

What do you mean?
On Monday, we sat down with the management and talked about what winter would be like. We have to set different things. Thanks to the system, we can still compete, but you can see for yourself that we are not scoring goals. We have awesome young people.

But you want to work with them.
Yes, but we have a few goal players, we have to say it directly. We have a lot to enjoy whether we want to build an Opava team or not. Of course I am a coach and we have no results, so this will definitely be the case for me. That’s why I want to have fun with management if we want to move forward.

Do you mean by this shift to significantly strengthen the team?
of course. We need one player per line to play immediately. We have talented football players, but they have to grow close to someone. Consider that forty-two-year-old Pavel Sawad, who was unfortunately injured, played again today. The night before the match, Texal, who is not even our player, gets warm. I do not know what it will be. This is for our problem.

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