Monday , May 29 2023

Blatt addressed a crowd in central Prague. Mikula’s celebrations were successful, but I’m afraid, he said


Prague Police did not report a more serious problem at night due to non-compliance with government procedures. On Twitter, he thanked restaurant and bar operators for respecting the opening hours and consideration of visitors on Sunday mornings. According to the findings of TK reporters, police officers in the area committed only minor violations on Saturday night. However, Health Minister John Blatt commented on the number of people in central Prague.

According to Blatt, people celebrated the traditional feast of St. Nicholas. Apparently he meant Old Town Square, where people went to St. Nicholas celebrations as usual. The crowd was also crowded in Kamba. He resolved the situation with Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). He wants to ask the management of the Prague police about this. Blatt wrote on Twitter that the St. Nicholas celebrations were a success and that everyone had a good time, but he was worried.

“But I’m scared. Millions of people at the same time. I’m going to ask Prague Mayor Sedenk Heib and the Prague police management how they assessed the situation,” Blatney said.

Later, Blatne called Hib. The Prague mayor announced that he would send instructions to the Ministry of Health from practice to amend legislation to more effectively implement emergency measures related to the corona virus epidemic.

Demons in Sertovka, Prague.
The Darwin in Ertovka event related to boat trips was organized on December 5, 2020 ...

Minister Blatt on Saturday pointed out that police officers had intervened Friday evening in several establishments that remained open after 22:00 despite the ban. He therefore called on the home minister and the president of the police to tighten controls, and spoke in favor of operators of companies violating the rules, which charge millions of crowns.

The Czech Republic is currently in the third and fourth stages of the anti-epidemic PES system, and if the situation worsens, there is a risk that companies that reopen only on Thursday will have to close. As of Sunday, the anti-epidemic score had risen seven points to 64, the equivalent of a fourth-level alert.

On Saturday night we did not notice a serious problem related to non-compliance with government regulations. We thank the operators and visitors for their respect for the last moments, ”police said Sunday.

For example, Ostrava police officers on Saturday repeated inspections on Stodolne Street, a popular entertainment venue in the local capital. They found a store that opened just after 22:00. On Friday night, three operators violated anti-epidemic measures. “It was not the same establishment as last night. It was closed on Friday,” said Jindic Mache, a spokesman for City Police.

In central Bohemia, minor incidents were reported Sunday night, for example in Mlade Boleslav, where police officers set out for a fight between two men in front of a bar. “A patrol was sent to the scene and as soon as it arrived, the clashes between the people ended immediately,” said Tommy Kipta, director of city police. Boleslav police have fined a man for drinking on the streets on Sunday night in violation of a city ordinance. Spokeswoman Michael Richter said central Bohemian police officers should not have to deal with issues related to public order violations.

David Molochka, a spokesman for South Moravian police officials, clarified the details of the intervention at the Brono Club on Friday. “Construction did not continue when police arrived at the scene and visitors left the company. Police officials handled the drop and spacing of the area and the next course of action will be decided on Monday, ”Chalopka told TK on Sunday.

Complications arose as guests walked into the club locker room. Company Management 7. One of the staff members apologized to the visitors on their Facebook page for the failure and who was at fault for extending the clothes from the locker room.

On Saturday, police in the Vysosina area searched more than 1,200 restaurants, bars and stalls in Advent markets. Nowhere did they find that some companies had violated the initial time limit set by the government. “Operators and guests behaved in an orderly manner,” said local police spokeswoman Dana Artkov. Somewhere, people were forced to wear veils.

In the current third phase of emergencies, restaurants may be open but must close by 22:00 at the latest time. Guests can only accommodate half the capacity of the company and can seat up to four people at the table. If the situation worsens to the fourth degree, restaurants will only be able to operate through the dispensing windows.

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