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PRAGUE Do you see Andrei Babi uncontrolled in his hometown of Crimea? Will it fall? The server has provided an invaluable bill of dollars worth millions of dollars pertaining to this deviation.

Do not you?

The present case is very beneficial for the nose. Peter Proppov, a Russian ruler who worked as a flag of Agrofert, was according to a young man named Babya, a young man in the Crimea. I'm not surprised when and where and where. In Russian, a Russian son of a Russian son does not mean how long it stands. Like a nose, Babe is the father, the father, the prominent Andre Babi, and such gaps.

Hunter Mmm from this fear. His mind is a psychologist, they have a big yard, and they are humiliated by her. () In Ukraine, he said to me: "Your father will do all he can to do," said Bobby TV News channel on TV on Monday evening. Father's wish has disappeared for Baba's prototype. The disappearance of the offender should be related to the criminal case. Protopopov denied this comment.

How did Babe respond?

Antri Babi (YO)'s son's voice was to destroy him and be driven out of politics. An international conference on the conflicts in Libya was emotionally widespread for a press conference in Italy. While celebrating the celebrations on November 17th, the public knew that it had opened in foreign countries. In the meantime, criminal women were pressured into internal organs and destabilizing the political situation.

Because he wanted the father to disappear because of horse and horse. He is a hero and has been accused of cheating and signing some of the documents. But he did not know what he had signed.

Firstly, the European Anti-Frost Office (OLAF), as Nabbed as Hospotarska, is only two persons of personalized dealings in HND operation.


Premier R. Andrebi Baby at Palermo.

The young man who listens to the shelf

It's not just that. Real Estate buys 12.5 million prizes in 2016 The Boeing 737 Civil Aviation Company's pilot Baby Young ended in mid April. As individually said, the transactions took place by the Apostle.

The medical report says that the psychologist Dita Propoppov had written a statement on the condition of Baby Young about the drug confinement.

It is the kind of mood. The police said in this report: It is necessary to prove that the accused are handing over several investigative officers to the trial of the case and the prosecutor to evaluate one's mental state. This act is based on the fact that the occupation of the accused is very complicated. The Police are not required by a foreign country on the basis of a foreign country, communicating and interacting with inter-Polish colleagues.

Babu, the provocative in this case, said he was unwilling to say about his doctor's health. He indicated that he was willing to live and live. Asked about the health condition of Makhtudu, he said it was just soft. Adria's daughter had suffered 20 years of sickness, he added.

One of them said that he is mentally ill, son and anthra. His child was the editor of ListZprvy, hidden by the conversation. Novini said, asking the appropriate questions to get a reasonable answer. Naut, a mentally challenged nat, is confident and disgusting and hateful in this way.

Will they help?

The accused B. M. L. The Police Investigation Team has succeeded in taking steps to abandon the original residence of the accused. He was found outside Interpol. He hoped that there could be a country in effect. Adam Simbala, who spoke in the Prem City Council, said. It is clear from the young man who planned to go to childhood childhood. They can not do it without the help of the party's party.


Home minister Jaan Hameck, who is in police custody, said to the position: Andreibi is young, but police know where the law and international covenants follow. We work in a situation where we have a legal act that stranges an alien.

With police police?

In Terovky server alobci wrote again that Prime Minister Andrej Babie found himself in the Crimea and encouraged him to promote situations. Police took a case, but this year it changed.

Including A. B. ml. (Andrei Baby Jr.) The police arrested them in this bag of crimes that were acquitted. Regarding the new information, the report will reopen, server confirmed but Cimbala, speaking in the Prague City Council, is presently conducting investigations Hnodo supervision.

Some politicians have expressed concern about the police. Are the reporters the only police? I will ask the PSP R Security Service, which is in charge of the Police, NCC and the Secretariat. Jan Bart said the chairman of the LDC chairman KDU-Essay told the Secretary of Security Course. He added that the individual slogans were explained whether they were in process or not.

Who's going to receive Manel's propoppuro?

Handles the same role as a manual prototype in the event of a primary son's oath. As of today, Prague 8 worked for Andrei Babe, representative of Dato Propopopov and their male Peter Propopopov. They were a councilor in the Finance Ministry and they became Agrofet's.

The petrol Protopopov salary from the back of the secret behind the secret. From the internet, he can work for a Jato Dynamix from June 2015, he is always a graphic designer. Babe Young was a bodyguard in the aeroporte.

Andrew Baby's statement as son of a son, as a psychiatrist. ProtoPoppu's approach was not only an attitude but an attempt to find a way out in politics. In the next communist election, Prag was in the form of Mayor of the 8th Party, but the eighth century was not a deputy member. It supported 4789 preferential votes. A third time in the incident, or subsequently, they wanted to resign from the executive office in Prague.

She was also the advisor to the Ministry of Health and External Affairs. She advised the advice of the minister, Andhra Pradesh. How do you stand on the ground? The health expert is an expert in the Ministry of Health and is a major mental health reform team in the Czech Republic and has good health to communicate with the European Union.

Am I falling

Opposition parties have applied for application applications in the country. Altogether 92 members of the body needed 101 votes in favor of the resolution. According to Baba, he was ready to prepare SNN and did not want to resign.

Policy after app

In addition to Babu, the people of the Nest were foolish. The head of that group was ANO.

By mid-2007 ZZN Agro Penmov,Elves' company has been removed from holdingA new company can be reached by central subsidy,Because Agrofat does not have a year. The company later retained the company five years later.
This is badDOTANO COPYaEconomic interests of the European Unionsponsored by astenstv. Penalty rate for these paragraphs in 5 and 10 years.

SSD will play a sparring role. SSD chairman Jan Hamehak Hal Andy Baby (YES) will meet with audiences.

According to the NLC, today, as a gateway to the political crisis, the rebuilding of the villagers does not include withdrawal from babies or corporates. Party chairman Jan Hameek is at the press conference of diplomats. But he did not miss the scene. Some responses are required. What is going to happen, we watch the day, the club's source told the source. Facts are very worrying, according to Yan Hawk's statement.

I'm not going to say what's going to happen to Koyane, this is the upcoming prize, "said HOMAC, adding that an alternative could not be said, whether MPs agreed on the scene.

Hameki told the newspaper how he thought of the relationship between the alliance and its alliance. The attitude of socialist Democrats, SSD uncle Martin Neotilic, a three-day-old deputy and senator club has not been altered. The newspaper told the newspaper that there would be no progress in societies.

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