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Apple has lost 17 per cent decline in iPhones sales. Great problems in China – Connect.cz

Apple's financial results in the second quarter of 2019 were unexpected at last year's best of popularity. IPhones continue to sell, and are an important part of Apple's revenue and profits. But this particular issue is not related to Apple because other big brands in this segment face the sale of smartphones.

Sales fall every year in 2011, and history repeats itself as it did on desktop computers.

Reduce earnings and profit

Apple has earned an income in the last three months $ 58 billionIn the same period last year was $ 61.1 billion. This is less than 5%. Apple's profit dropped. Apple's profit dropped $ 11.6 billionIn the previous year, it was $ 13.8 billion.

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the reason? China. Apple received revenues of $ 1 billion in the US Japan's revenue retained. The revenue of Europe decreased by $ 800 million annually.

In China, revenues from 13 billion to 10.2 billion dollarsAbout three billion casualties. It was reflected in the overall sales of equipment, particularly the iPhone and the reflective effects.

China does not buy iPhone

We have written that there are many initiatives in China trying to reduce iPhones. As a result, the phone was the only monumentality that lost the income of the app. In the same period last year was $ 37.6 billion. This is three months this year $ 31 billion. This is a relatively large drop 17%.

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Apple's iPhones can not be published in Apple. However, in the last quarter of the last financial year, we could get half the world's most recently published papers from the $ 793. It has sold 39 million units of the iPhone In the second quarter of this financial year.

Great interest in iPads

The total sales from iPad sales ended quarterly. These tablets were sold incredibly well by Apple. Their earnings have increased from $ 4 billion a year $ 4.9 billion.

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This is the biggest growth in six years. The question is whether it only affects interest rate iPads or is generally more interested in tablets. Let's wait for more statistics.

Maybe still interested

For Macs, desktop and mobile MacBook products include, and revenue stagnation is the same.

Apple has been able to sell Max in the past three months $ 5.5 billionIn the previous year, it was $ 5.8 billion. Every move is happening every quarter, only how Apple will present new models in this segment.

Apple is still fourth largest in the world.

The services and the bride are the most powerful

Apple is trying not to reduce iPhone's dependencies, but also to cut new products, mainly through services. These are the total revenues of the company and are increasing this quarter 11.5 billion dollarsIn the last three months, it was worth 9.9 billion dollars.

Since Apple has introduced many new content services in the first quarter, as well as its own credit card, we can expect this year to be more extensive. Although many of these services are clear initially available in the US market, it will reach other markets.

Provide quarterly revenue to household appliances, devices and tools with Apple TV and HomePod Smart Speaker $ 5.1 billion. In the previous year, it was worth $ 3.9 billion.

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1.4 billion active devices

The WWD admit in June, boasted that Apple has worldwide presence 1.4 billion active devicesAn enveloped number, especially for developers.

Earnest Capacity for Successful Developers is really great, since there are Apple Standard Distribution Platforms on all devices such as the Apple Store or the Mac App Store. It's going to be simplified and simplifying the creativity of each and every single application to run on mobile and desktop.

More information can be found in WWD, where you can see the iOS 13 and MacOS 10.15 in the upcoming operating system.

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