Wednesday , March 22 2023

Amazing response sheep! The opponent Goli is trapped directly in the snow


When he discovered his traditional place in the left circle, he decided to burn it first when he passed away from Wilson. Hockey striker Washington Alexander Ovachin made nearly three seconds at the end of the regular game, and decided to invest around 4: 4 in nearly a quarter of Manuel's capital. However, the Hawkeye Pyree's goalkeeper was surprised to see many plays, but not only viewers and commentators …

Ryan Rememorus, CTK / AP

He was not in an ideal position. As he moved from the left rod to the right, he tried to destroy the ovens' guns in any way. And successful, the purpose is to deal with the push push over the goal.

Fans in Montreal's Bell Center accompanied their goalkeeper, and Owechin Ice came directly. It is true that the price is preparing a hat trick. That would be in the NHL at the age of 21.

He won the Maurice Richard Trophy Trophy Award for the best NHL season seven times and took his seat in the chair. "It was a wonderful process and it appreciated fans, so I appreciated it," said Ovechkin, 15-shooter on the scoreboard table, David Pastrnak, behind a Boston player who lost two.

Washington finally gained two points. Lars Nurse was the target of the all-rounder, Mirzal Kempney and Jacob Granny.

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