Wednesday , March 22 2023

Who is in an alternate move?


Devil skies and electric bicycles have started to expand in some parts of Mexico City as a major corporate technology that focuses on international startups or movements such as Uber or Cubes.

Cycles and scooters can be seen on streets in the streets, such as Condanda, Rome, Polanco, Del Wole, and Necks, which are not just for thousands of years. Although there are different business schemes, the price for these services is 5 out of 5 per thousand, while some are per subscription, per day, month, or year.

Riccardo Weather, Director of the Latin Mobility Association, these new mobility platforms are part of incorporating more of the city's intervention into mobility; However, more coordination between platforms is necessary, including the modification of the current Mobility Act.

"We are looking for control over the size of other platforms, so we have more mobility options," said Ricardo Weather, director of the Association of Association. Extension

Unlike electric vehicles, the same is not the same as the mobility law, the clear rules in spaces are not clear on the streets or the insurance associated with an accident.

In 2017, the electric motor market is estimated to be $ 7,400 million and 2017 is estimated to be $ 16,300 million. Research.

CDMX now works in these offers. Weber, Mobyk, Dizba, Lime, Bird, Grin, Moao hand in hand with Kabafis in 2019 under the brand of Uber Service.

This is what they promise.

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