Friday , March 24 2023

They were afraid of the classification of the Medlian category


Yes, it must be met in competent and semifinal Sports ToliaBut they were worried about the performance presented at the Independent Medal before the athletic rumors.

At the end of the match, coach Oquivua was recognized by Sambraano. "Because of the long faces of our team, In this tournament, showed a way to play, A football identity is shown I think this is our first match that we do not fit into with that good football game, "said Ecuadorian tactician, unacceptable about DIM's standards.

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"We can not be satisfied with the way we play," highlights the attention of the coordinator, "Next Energy." "However, football is the same, Many people play well, lose a game; It does not play well at other times, but it completes one goal, that's what's happening today. "

However, Sambirano did not name the names. However, some players did not seem to have expected at the Alfonso Lopes de Buckaramanga Stadium. "There were uncertainty moments about how to deal with bitumaganga. As I expected, I noticed some demonstrations that I had expressed to some extent. But I've been thinking about things that are tired. "

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Despite the series 3-2, Medin deflected against Ptolemais semisThe Colombian Football Champion, however, pointed out some facts in the match against the & # 39; leopard.

"Their first goal was gone, it's a hot topic because it's not the first, but it's not a good night today. We had two situations Zambro said in a statement on Will Sports. Because it is not the best from a strange perspective, we have found a strange smell of a chemical into a dressing room.

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