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The miraculous effects of a study of how allergens with roots can tolerate it – BBC News


Emily is a six-year-old British girl: she can have a cake in her friends' birthday parties.

So far, cake cutting can have serious consequences until much: Emily is very much Allergic to the roots, Storage of large amounts of food can be found.

Before the shipments of 10 mg (mgram) can be obtained, it is now possible to have 30 times more tolerance.

Enliel's mother describes Sophie: "It is amazing to know how many food items, especially children, cookies, cookies, and ice cream.

This girl could partially resolve a study involving 500 children aged between 4 and 17 from the United Kingdom and the USA. Make endurance That's in the diet.

The study was based on the principle of disenciting. This is a process that is allergic to a pollen or beekeeping. The progressive test of allergenic substance increased their tolerance.

Emily, aged 6, is the program today.
After enduring a summer's tolerance, Emi will eventually eat cakes for her friends' birthday parties.

Thus, they are used in this diet: Children in a year have adopted groundnut protein on a daily basis in increasing doses.

In the final phase of the study, two-thirds of the participants can eat up to two roots.

50% of participants show sympathetic to the diet. A successThis amount is rare for people who are allergic to, but they allow these children to lead a normal life.

George du ToyotHe was a lecturer in pediatrics and a leader of the study program on the BBC's "Dude Program". He said: "The results of this innovative study are very encouraging, and children are allergic to allergies. Casual exposure"

Emily is no longer allergic, but her parents can easily breathe. Now she can not eat seven bunches of food. So if you take a surprise eating accidentally, it will fall unexpectedly. Frightened them was something

Many foodstuffs have roots.

"Family members will live in a condition that adversely affects allergies Death"Says Do Toit.

Emily's mother confirmed: "We were convinced that Emily could not give her summer because she had very little side effects.

He adds: "We're excited, this study has transformed our lives, and we have never existed freedom ever since."

When they ask Ennal, she knows what the cake she wants for her birthday: "Many cakes and many cakes".

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