Monday , May 23 2022

The meat warns Colombian athletes about the existence of a forbidden riches


According to ISO, the presence of a vaccinated steroid boltenon from an ovolobular testosterone found one of the four samples of cattle.

The FIG The Colombian Olympic Committee (CO) sent a letter Athletes of the country In it he warns of presence Beef In it Boldon, a Vaccination steroid Anabolic properties are derived from testosterone.

"Due to studies and recent records provided by the COS Columbia Agricultural Institute In the presence of prohibited substances (ICA) warnings World Antipro-Doping Agency (AMA) in the country's livestock "Bolnano & # 39; s," said the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, Balzasar Medina, In the letter.

If you have a positive test in Bolddon, use it Bodybuilding And in other sports too Increase performance And then Muscle massThe manual anti-duplicating code states: a Four years suspension.

This factory is sold in "free form" in veterinary residency in Colombia and is widely spread in commercial and industrial cattle.

According to ICA, Boldo's presence has been found on a number of tough samples on every four samples. 59 products used in this material.

Furthermore, according to an ICA release, acknowledging the distribution of anabolic agents such as Boldinin, "Colombia is the few countries in the region.

On the other hand the Argentine footballer Santiago EcuadoriaDeportivo Independent is a former player of Medellin. After the doping tournament, the Tennis Corporate Division (Daimyar) has approved. Outrageous networks. "Now, are we still guilty?" Justice, I do not want to spend another day in suspension to do something I can not do, "Echeverría posted on Twitter account.

In August last year, International Cycling Union (UCI) had been listed on the Telecom suspension list. After experimenting with Boldonen for regulation of exultation in countries where he did not participate, Fabien gave to Koebin's World Champion Kobili Fabio Fleta.

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