Friday , September 30 2022

Samsung will launch Radio Santa Fe 1070 in the first half of 2019


Microsoft has announced that Samsung's new smartphones will be launched in the first half of next year. The company said it will add one million units to the market.

For years, rumors, rumors, folding phones, a completely open tablet, are smartphones, Samsung's 2018 Designers' Conference in San Francisco from Thursday to Thursday.

Using a new display technology called "Infinity Flex Display" – a customized version of the display display – allows you to open and close multiple times without having to downgrade the users.

A conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Information Technology (IT), head of Samsung's mobile electron divisanumaya Koh Kong, Don, can not verify this date, the phone in the first half of next year, a batch to distribute a minimum of 1 million units, the company will have to produce more and more, the company receives And yyarakkukayum.

By offering first impressions to the developers of the long-term phone, the Ministry has proven that its technology has reached a high level of production.

If you want to make a product, they will start with a very slow phone. If Samsung wanted to create a product that would be useful for people, Samsung Electronics tried to get the best of the electronics system. In front of the market, screen, battery and size are taken into consideration.

Sunder Pichai joined Google CEO, just two months ago, Samsung worked on creating a mobile user experience in Android platform. ProTotype revealed to developers. He said.

Samsung spokesperson said several obstacles were overturned, the recursive lines were invisible, and the details of the user interface would be given.

Galaxy Note Series and Galaxy Note Series.

Samsung's sales decline. Apple will have to face competition with Apple in the new market. The Chinese are the lowest Chinese rivals in the Chinese market. (Photo and photo agency Yonap).

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