Tuesday , March 21 2023

On 13 th, Llado is headed by Captain Elia Sameer


In his Twitter account, Medellín chief Fedorico Gutierrez was widely known as Samyamy in the west of the city, in the coma 13.

"He tried to capture the Chief General of Scott General El Lalado, who led the 13th terrorist attacks, wrote the local president on social network, without the clarification of the official procedure, @ Policocaillin @ Polocodedale SIPOL, SIJIN, @FiscaliaCol".

Commander Gen. Ozar Gomez, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, said: "Saer Alexander Jaramillo Kartagena, a police officer, was caught by police on a road from Aranjaj on Saturday. Siphon and Sig.

I was able to identify myself with a fake identity card. However, the agents who have been tracked within months have noticed that the person wears in tarpi is unnoticed, noticed.

This Sunday, a court order issued in the L. Pertregel jail under the garage, at a press conference, mayor Gutierrez, will give further details of the police seizing.

Samirrima crimes were started in La Sexta, a combo run in the neighboring Betania. Last year, he separated the group. El Zardoo went to Combo. La Troye, a combo union, tricked a union and opposed former former compatriots of the Betania neighborhood under the leadership of his old friend Juanisto. Last year, 15 murders took place. This includes public service buses.

By mid-June, Antioquia's capital, Alexander Jamiriro, attacked an investigation against Cartesnía. Samir, who is in the probe, is investigating the case and said that multiple murders will be conducted.

This man promised to pay 20 million passover.

According to General Gomes Heredia, this man was one of the most favorite of the 13th poorest. The arrest warrant was imposed on a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes and murder.

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