Friday , September 30 2022

Mullenos – Colombian Soccer – statements by George Louis Pinto as the new coach of sports


George Luy Pinto as the new coach of Mornarioa presented this Wednesday. When he arrived at the press conference, he came with a good attitude. He knew his signature was complete because he wanted to be in an institution that allowed him to succeed.

How was the formation of team committees?

I became champion in Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Colombia. I was the fourth in the Olympic Games and the fourth in the world. I thought they were going to ask me about that track record. By disciplining my discipline, I do not want to touch a very simple topic. Well, think about the rich man. Some more. If someone asks you what issues I have with one or two players in Costa Rica, one of us knows, I know them. There is confusion in this topic, do the discipline, best work out and seek the fullness. A north should be an organization like a millionaire. Here I am succeeding, and we're correcting if we want to edit.

What is the deadline for a championship?

It is not mathematical, it is not economics, but its projection is clear. You must succeed, you should always look the first one, the second is good, but not millions of people, we should look at a petrol that answers it. You have to find strength with the team. On the basis of those terms, they must win millionaires among the first billionaires in any tournament they compete.

What do millions mean for your life?

The feeling of working at Millennario, I began my career, I have done many times. I'm going to a house that I want. What I think is what I want to give you.

What did you see from the current template?

There is no doubt that there are good things, it's wide pearl, and recently champion. As the song says, just because you're sad, your ways are to be corrected, to win at home, my game's imaginations, the floor on the floor, and the more aggressive approach. We evaluate the payday, not all players can know that, this term will be a clear idea from Monday to December 8. If this season can not go anywhere, this is because it's missing out. I will issue an idea, even more valuable. You have to look anywhere. Defense, midfield, players of the attackers. There are good players who are helping me on the basis of Millows.

What are your expectations in millions of your 3rd step?

There are some things to improve from job, what happened there? In the zonal system you have to pay it to crores of rupees, and you need a team with more tickets. With these days passing, we evaluate. I think millions of milliseconds are coming to make more contribution. Let's see where it is. This depends on what you are watching at this time.

How is this coming back?

Millows' shirt will inspire no one, I have been offering clubs and teams, and I want to be very close to myself and a shirt. Representative had economic opportunities, but I wanted to do something that I liked and allowed me to resist big things. I traveled a lot, and I wanted to be at home. I wanted to be more consistent, but I always wished to be defeated.

There are four foreigners who play only three, what will they do?

Let's wait for three players and the fight to the post, wait, but you should look. I know the players.

Why Freddie Rincon?

He is a Colombian football standard, who was with me on Santa Fe, who showed that he was a player in the world. He played the three World Cup players in Brazil, and wished to deliver a winner, experiences and experiences. He is a self-confidence, an exemplary player in the Colombian football. It has a lot of value.

What are the pillars of your group's activity?

Loyalty to the shirt and the team she loves, loving and working with her is a success. This is the union of the group. I repeat again, loyalty to the shirt and loyalty to work with.

It is the first test match.

Football ideas will be implemented from the very first day. My works became intense. Cerro de Monserrate is good on the climb, but today it made a difference. From the very first moment you are working with tricks. We're going to print that idea to the team, I'm working on the selections. Need a tactic in my style, to play a game with the tactics, play the ball. In an elaborate, careful manner, the player will be better, and millions of people will want to. You must be advised in Bogotá.

How did the team get?

I have changed my works. They did not speak the players I talked to. We did not have a dialog. I told them what I thought. It does not allow concessions, not getting at all times, it is a habit, and millions should always achieve success.


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