Tuesday , March 21 2023

Mana's singer changed her face, and she died almost


The last Loud Grammy Awards were awarded to the Mexican brand Mana 15 at the Las Vegas Award in USA. In 1987, the Academy selected the recording Academy Award for the award. The choir began in Gualaalajara. This was one of the most popular bands of music. Rock in Spanish

Along with the attractiveness of this achievement, the other took care of the public's attention about the beauty of the bands. In particular, it was the face of Mexico's music guitarist and guitarist Ferle Olvera. In the pictures and backdrops of the ceremony, the usual introspection of the beauty of the surgery is noted on his face. His other companions did not have a rough eye, or nearly crushed eyes and a beautiful face.

That was beyond the jokes created by internet users, and it was the former wardrobe of Mexican television hostess Monica Ngouera. The story narrates the story later in the story. This was even worse than expected. "We are together (from 2013 to 2015), there was a very dangerous surgery on his face in the lace of Los Angeles, which was very painful, it seemed like he was, only the eyes worked, but he died and he was referring to the man who screamed as" Uruguayan forests " Clean the doctor's weight He threw three wounds on his neck.

Nogayera, who revealed the story in the television program Fasahand, believes that "he does not have to worry about the physical problem" considering his musical phenomenon.

They received this award through a small system to protect immigrants from the middle ages to north and north. Their successes were also reviewed. In the last century, they made a big difference, the mother for the earth, the fight for the rights of the woman, and we will fight for the chorus of the heart, and about the soul, "Olver said.

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