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Jamal Khashoggi: Breaking his body to "release" him World present


Ankara. The body of the Saudi journalist Jamal KhashoggiOn October 2, he was assassinated in the consulate of the country of Istanbul, he was relieved to resign, said the Turkish President. The bishop's newspaper "Hürriyet" appeared.

"We saw now that they were not organized because they were split up, but they got rid of it when they were disbanded," said Turkish consultant Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Yasin Aktay, for the newspaper Hürriyet.

"According to the latest information, the reason they split up her body was easier to untie," he added.

The reporter Jamal Khashoggiwho co-operated with the Washington Post, on 2 October he was assassinated at the Saudi Arab Consulate in Istanbul, where he obtained his diploma.

After initially declaring that Khashoggi After Riyad's death, he entered the consulate shortly after Riyadh finally admitted that it was an "unauthorized operation" from the Saudi regime.

The Libyan prosecution said that "the victim was cut off" and that "the body was abolished," in a Wednesday announcement he did not pass on.

A Turkish leader told the Washington letter that the authorities would consider the hypothesis that the organization was dissolved with acid at the consulate or at the Consul's place of residence.

"They wanted to make sure they did not keep track of the body," added Aktay, who was in close contact Khashoggi. "All the places where the surveillance cameras had taken and the body found."

"The killing of an innocent man is a criminal offense, which he has done with the body for another sin and shame," he said.

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