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In 2012, women who have received vaccines against Carmen de Bolivar (Bolivar) have become the milestone for the vaccination program launched in the country in 2012. In that year, many minors in the municipality claimed that the vaccine was "baffled" because of the vaccine.

In the first dose of 95 percent in 2013 and 6 percent in 2016, news related to unaccounted drugs have been reported. Diego Garcia of the Department of Health is also common

In this situation, in 2015, Javier Luna Carmen de Bolivar took over the position of Municipal Health Secretary. The FIG He spoke in Colombia under the framework of regulation of HPV, cancer and related cancer, ways of studying and meeting the way forward.

When he took over, how did Carmen de Bolvar relate to the Pope's man's papillomavirus in connection with the vaccine?

A year ago, the first crisis took place. It was a very complex situation. At first we had a parent's relation to EPS to get the attention of girls.

How was that in the meeting?

The first one, the better. ESP followed by improving the immediate use of emergency in a state of emergency. We tried to improve that bad situation between the emergency workers and the parents. We were together with the instructions of the hospital. We made a contract to distinguish both parties.

Do girls still have symptoms?

Yes, they have more or less symptoms until 2016. And then they fell. The first database to take immediate action was disclosed.

What about today?

He is more calm. We continued to include the liabilities submitted by the Ministry, some sanctions, municipal ESEX's first rescue rescue plan and a mobile unit in the rural areas. The supermarket contracts and supermarket cards were carefully taken into consideration for the commitment of EPS and the non-transferred powers. The parents asked them to provide transportation, because Carmen was a difficult area. The impartiality of the Secretariat has become a very complex situation.

How do you know the vaccine's sense of security from the perspective of scientific evidence?

Invalid right up to this moment we can not go ahead, even in the most awesome efforts we have made. Parent associations have a fixed capacity when vaccines are problematic, so we can not function from the Secretariat. We have a "stock" of 10 dose vaccines this year, and we have no choice. However, we will create transactions of schools and educational institutions that start in January and remind them that vaccines will be available to every girl. Start advertising that is the most difficult part of these four years.

You need to use a tactic to educate the people …

If you look at the possibility of getting more information through local channels and other means, people will seek a way to avoid Slimma in the HVV vaccine. The problem is that this can only be done as a strategy of municipal health secretary. That's a problem. Bogotá is easy to say in a province that does not have access to any kind of communications, and I would have taken an aggressive strategy, but I will hand them over to anti-vaccines against all their reasons, respecting their positions, and there is no evidence that they have scientific evidence. That's how we first got collapsed, after some meetings, then there was a little warm in that sense, but vaccines definitely have nothing to do with this topic.

Faced with the conditions faced by girls, I have a very intelligent job with the care of those who live directly. I always emphasize that girls are unwell. In fact, the disease has been found in some basic paths. All have been diagnosed with diagnosis. However, some diagnoses are associated with the use of these vaccines. That's a very difficult thing. I live in my own case … and my wife informs me that she has doubts. Even when I bring the evidence, he tells me, "as well as that, it creates suspicion." I have changed my mother's feet. They took girls to motorcycles and found them in a crisis in schools.

If you bring scientific evidence to your wife, what is the next step to convince her?

Well, let me (herself) bring her to Bogotá to convince me in the next step. I'm not easy. But I think that the future of our girl should be notified in advance. One day I spoke of an example of a girl. One day she spoke with her mother and she said, when the girls arrived in the classroom, she left the room and the girls there. It worked. The girl has never got into trouble. She says that she is a healthy girl and that if she has the opportunity to give her a third, she will raise it.

Two people are regularly available to get a copy at the secretariat. Since most of the girls are still adolescents, family welfare is not supported. I can not solve any issue from the subject command subject to the capacity of this institution.

How much will you see on this cross?

Even though I feel lonely, I have the support of the Ministry. I got some important threats against my life and my daughters … But that is my political and social role. I'm always an open person. Carmen I have been working in public for 18 years.

Do you believe your mayor

Yes of course. Mayer has been confident in me, that HPV vaccine is the only thing we did not agree with, and I respect his criteria and stances.

How do you know that it is the Health Secretary of a population that turns into a milestone in the country's indicators?

They feel so much. Responsibility and satisfaction of commitment have been completed. I feel that I have done things near and I'm continuing in my clear position. This vaccine definitely does not say anything about the impacts of girls, I repeat, get sick, but we work from EPS. In some cases, I think we need to find more ways to show a problem that we do not need. I recognize the efforts of the ministry, but I would do more to care for my parents. Carmen de Bolivar is a small Colombian and comes with all the problems. You should look at it as a more national issue. Let's see how follows God and judgment.

You are about to run a human and papal virus for a year and a month, what will it be?

Vaccination again in schools Take a pilot school, take more relaxation and rest, work coordinates at the municipality, do the things and explain the benefits that parents have. This is the first step. We hope God will follow us.

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