Friday , September 30 2022

In Madeleine, 3 missing youths are paid 50 million dollars


The Medellin authorities promised to pay 50 million pesos to missing three young men in the city.

Santiago Ureige Perez, 18, is the youngest. Andreess Felipe Welles, 21; Jaim Andrés Monko (23) Since last September 18.

According to preliminary information, that day they were kidnapped A handfulBelenzito came to the neighborhood and urged them to go to a section called El-morro. Alwayevostar on the 13th borders of the semi-rural board, CorgignyMonino.

From that time their relatives lost contact with them. "They will lay their hands on them and live in uncertain times, and I will ask them to save them," he said. Message for kidnapped On Monday afternoon, Andrews Felipe's mother, Claudia Korya, sent her away.

Selzal Director of the Medellin Prosecutor's Office pointed out that Rolex González Flaxsex was investigated by his investigators. Bigger searches. One of them found a boy's identity card, the other being found a ditch of an unknown body in the unidentified body and was killed years ago.

The Mayor of Federal Gutierrez encouraged people to give information and was paid a reward.Always see something. I know there is a fear to speak in some places, but keep yourself in the place of these families. "

If you have information about this case, you can call a summary reservation, 314 557 3311, 351 13 86, line 123, 444 66 77 extension, 1153 or 1157. You can send an email to: email [email protected]

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