Friday , September 30 2022

"I have at least five to seven years left," Niro tells her career


Niro Quintana,There are still some good years of continuing the war"To make this site's retirement planning is now abandoning and quitting world cycling because it is considered" at the best moment "of the sports competition.

Interview with the program & # 39; on weekly RCN Radio & # 39;Quintana said: "Cycling is not a sport, unfortunately, you can not get a bit or get age for age, you'll suffer a lot if you are not competing."

Bonanzan Cyclist said, "How much time is it to spend to participate in the greatest demand in international competitions?"We do not know how much you can do in high quality, But I think it's at least five or seven years and I think it's the best moment. "

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He recognized the achievements in such competitions Tour de France or Spain tour Even if things are not as we expected, we will redirect the right path, and surely happiness will come, "he said.

On the other hand, He mentioned the conditions of the Colombian road "It would not be possible for the athletes to be properly restricted to make cyclist vehicles for vehicles."

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"We know that more than 90 percent of our roads are not ready to lead cyclists, but road, bicycles, So cyclists do not travel the entire roads and drivers that ride bicycle"He stressed.

Finally, it remembered that Effective measures should be implemented It encourages good use of the bicycle and does not affect drivers at the same time.

"We know the effort to put the government in force many times, for example, in France, in many ways we have a cycle of crossing a bicycle, even if it is painted with signs of bicycle passengers, One of the things we talked about Niro Kvintana recalled with Coldpour's director.

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