Wednesday , March 22 2023

Grissman: "It was difficult to dismiss Barcelona"


Anton recognizes that his team and his team are important to the decision to settle in Atlático.

Grimmann Canal has given an interview on the plot, which he realizes is "difficult to discard Barcelona". His supporters and coaches, Shirone, supported his decision to stay at Atlálico.

"It's hard for Barça to get rid of it," said Canal Plus. "Barca loves you, calls you, sends you messages, but then where are you in the club where you are an important player and they build a project around you?"

"What's the scale of scales?" When my companions saw me especially after the game, I was able to demonstrate their confidence by speaking to me, surprising me to calm me down. "

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"Messi might have been a lieutenant," he adds. "But my team and club did all of them, they came to talk, they increased my salary and did all they could to show that I was home, I should not go".

"It's really complicated times, especially for my wife, and I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning."

After declaring his decision to continue in Atlático, Graysman earned him four goals with Russia and helped him to advance the World Cup. Robbiebos won the European Super Cup after losing Real Madrid 4-2.

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